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Photo Gallery Page

Please Browse Through our photos to see what Tennis coaching at Craigieburn Tennis Club will look Like. 


Hot Shots Group Lesson Gallery

In this gallery you will see some photos of what a group lesson may look like at Craigieburn Tennis Club. 

Private Lessons

In this gallery you will see some photos of what a private lesson looks like at Craigieburn Tennis Club. Having Private lessons is the fastest way to improve your game because every lesson will be custom made just for you. You can improve your technique, your footwork and your mental toughness.


Club Culture

In this gallery you will see some photos of the club culture at Craigieburn Tennis Club. It is a very multicultural club that welcome all. Kids and adults will find it easy to make life long friends from playing in teams and club competitions. The club also has special days such as a once a year Club Championships to see who is the best junior and senior players. You can even get your name up on the club honor board if you win the club championships. We also have regular social events on a Sunday. 

Photos Around the Club

In this gallery you will see some photos of Craigieburn Tennis Club. You will be able to see what the whole club looks like even inside and out. Craigieburn Tennis Club features a spacious decking area for parents to watch from. We also have many picnic tables with new umbrellas for shade from the sun. The inside of the Tennis Club features a large and newly oiled floor boards. Did you know Craigieburn Tennis Club does Hall Hire? Call us now to inquire about hiring the hall.